Enterprise China: Book Preview

An overview of the topics & content of Enterprise China.

While its sheer size and importance is rarely neglected, Chinese enterprise is often incorrectly viewed as merely an extension of the larger global economy. But the political and social realities of that vast nation guarantee that companies in China behave fundamentally differently than those from liberal democracies.

In Enterprise China: Adopting a Competitive Strategy for Business Success, a team of renowned leadership and management strategists delivers a comprehensive and insightful roadmap to engaging with Chinese enterprise for business executives. In the book, you’ll explore the unique nature of Chinese business and the realities of conducting commerce with enterprises based in that country. Focusing on the interconnectedness of the China state and Chinese businesses, the book convincingly argues that individual firms and companies are often just the tip of the iceberg and must be viewed holistically to make sense of their behavior.

The authors explain how the overarching vision, strategy, and ambition of the Chinese state and the Communist Party guide and impact key commercial enterprises and how their influence affects non-Chinese business interests. They also discuss the competitive strategy and tactics of Chinese enterprise, as well as strategies and tactical options for Western business executives as they compete in and with the Chinese state. Readers will also find descriptions of the factors and characteristics that business leaders must keep in mind as they do business in China and with Chinese companies.

An invaluable and incisive exploration of one of the great economic powers of contemporary history, Enterprise China will earn a place on the bookshelves of managers, executives, consultants, lawyers, and other professionals and leaders seeking an informed and nuanced perspective on an unavoidable and powerful industrial player.

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